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Hiring one doctor for your whole family saves you a lot of time and hassle with appointments, but you also want to make sure you choose a family doctor who has a great relationship with your kids. Our physicians provide attentive, compassionate healthcare for children of all ages at Southwestern Medical Associates. If you’re looking for a family doctor who offers pediatric care in Orchard Park, New York, call to book an appointment.

Pediatric Medicine Q & A

What does a pediatric practitioner do?

A pediatric doctor can take care of your child’s medical needs from checkups to chickenpox. You can make appointments with Southwestern Medical Associates for services including:

  • Vaccinations
  • Well-child visits
  • Sports physicals
  • Cold and flu treatment
  • Infection treatment
  • Mood or behavioral disorder management

As a primary care provider, Southwestern Medical Associates serves as your child’s point of contact for all medical care. If our team thinks your child’s condition requires specialized care, they can provide referrals to the appropriate specialists.

How can I make pediatric appointments easier for my child?

If your child has a fear of going to the doctor or is going to the doctor for the first time, you can help make the experience more comfortable by preparing them, answering their questions honestly, and making the experience fun.

Prepare them

Take your child to one of your appointments, so they become familiar with the environment. Otherwise, you can read books from the library with them about going to the doctor to get them used to the idea.

Answer questions

Answer any questions your child has about going to the doctor honestly. For example, telling your child shots don’t hurt only builds distrust and disappointment, so tell them it just hurts for a second.

Make it fun

Make going to the doctor exciting for your child. You could make a small activity bag that your child only gets to use when they go to the doctor or let them dress up and bring their own medical bag to their appointments. A fun incentive for behaving at the doctor’s office, such as ice cream, also works great.

What’s the benefit of going to a family doctor for pediatric care?

One of the significant benefits of choosing a family doctor to take care your children’s care is convenience.

You can schedule everyone’s appointments back-to-back under the same roof to cut out schedule disruptions and travel time. If a contagious illness, like chickenpox, affects multiple family members, Southwestern Medical Associates can take care of everyone at once.

Choosing a family doctor for your children also encourages relationship building. If your children go to the same doctor as you do, they get to experience the comfort of familiarity and built trust. Southwestern Medical Associates can see your children past the age of 18, so they don’t have to start that relationship-building process over again.

When Southwestern Medical Associates sees your whole family, we also get a feel for your family dynamics and where each person’s strengths are. We're able to get everyone involved in each other’s care and build a robust and cohesive support team, so everyone’s on the same page.

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