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Amy Lynn Wnek, M.D.

Endocrinologist located in Orchard Park, NY

About Dr. Wnek

Dr. Amy Wnek graduated from Canisius College with a bachelors degree in biology and psychology. She is a graduate of SUNY Upstate Medical School in Syracuse. Her internal medicine residency was completed at University Hospitals of Cleveland/Case Western, and she completed her endocrinology fellowship at SUNY at Buffalo.

Dr. Wnek specializes in treatment of diabetes, thyroid disease, and a variety of other metabolic conditions. She joined Southwestern Medical Associates in 2011.

In her time away from the office, Dr. Wnek enjoys traveling with her family and watching her son play piano and a wide variety of sports.

New patients should contact the office and provide all relevant patient information, including name, date of birth, reason for visiting, and insurance information. Once we receive your records from the Primary Care or referring physician, we will call you to schedule a new patient appointment.